New Parents

New Parents

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Taxal and Fernilee CE Primary School



We invited the children, parents, staff and governors to share their views about the values and beliefs that should be encouraged in our school. Many common themes emerged and we were really pleased to see that kindness and compassion were the two answers given most frequently.

We collated all of the information and used it to create a brand-new set of school values. The new system is structured around 6 key principles which create a “script” (The first letter of each value spells the word script). By following this, we believe that the children will learn core ethical values that will help them to become well-educated and rounded young adults.



S           find Strength  

  • The children develop their leadership /teamwork skills and explore themes of loyalty and courage.

C          learn Compassion

  • The children explore Christian values of compassion, and forgiveness. They act with kindness and empathy towards others.

R           share Respect

  • The children learn to respect themselves and show the same to others. They demonstrate good manners. They celebrate cultures and religions that are different to their own.

I            have Integrity

  • The children build a strong moral code that values honesty and loyalty. They learn what it means to “make the right decision.”

P           enjoy Peace

  • The children develop their spiritual understanding through both Christian Values and an appreciation of the natural world. They learn to be mindful and to develop healthy routines in their life (sleep/diet/exercise).

T         show Tenacity

  • The children learn to value resilience and enjoy challenge. They will experience situations where they must remain calm under pressure and persevere with a task to succeed.



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